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    Originally Posted by AceDragonite View Post
    sweet! fighting is my favorite type sorry if i offended you guys by calling a couple wierd, but the the starters look much better now!
    this game is very good
    I understand you, and thanks fpr the compliment, I'm sure we will amaze you much more in the next days ^^.

    Originally Posted by ForeverRed View Post
    Ooo, very nice.
    Hmm, Tandor looks like its connected to another region.. any news on that?
    And as Zephyr said, it is! Tandor is actually 2x bigger than a normal region, (about the size of Kanto + Johto) and that opens space for more pokemon, adventures and exploration, You will all know more about East Tandor later.

    Originally Posted by HeavyOctillery View Post
    I'm liking the new graphics so far. Eletux also looks much better (less like a deformed Lanturn & more like a separate Pokemon).
    (I used to like him before too =[) but I got your point, I agree it's much better, Zephyr is showing to be much better at spriting 80x80 sprites, that is really cool ^^.
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