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Originally Posted by blueguy View Post
I don't have aversion to the project, and am free to view, and post in the thread til the cows come home. I don't have anything to get over, really. Caaaalm down.
Seriously, is the only acceptable thing I can post in this thread, according to you, some sort of blind praise for... what?
Blind praise, no. I don't expect anything of the sort. We're fully aware that promises haven't been kept for one reason or another in the past. As I've said, too much backtracking in my neverending quest for perfection. But finally we have the stable engine, we have the designs, we have the story, we have the graphics and sound, we have most of our demo crafted and refined to the standard I've dreamed of.

I don't appreciate the negativity you're pedalling, though - it's not helpful or constructive but quite the opposite. As momentum's with us, we'd like to keep it that way. All you're doing by repeatedly bleating about it not coming out ever in a million years is derailing the thread which, outside the Acanthite forum, is our main source of generating interest (and interest is often what gives us the staff and output). A little support and encouragement would be nice Your trolling suggests to me that you DO have an aversion to our project. If you can't bring anything constructive to the table now, then keep your thoughts to yourself for the moment and then give us feedback on the demo itself.

I hope you like your eggs on your face.