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    Originally Posted by pokefan345 View Post
    @valentine, Thank you for that constructive criticism. I do write it in Word first, and copy it over. That introduction to Chapter One that you did was amazing. Can I use it? And when he was heading to Vientown, I did think about putting that he was attacked by a Staraptor, but I couldn't find a way to fit it in. I really couldn't think of any way to put anything in between.

    I'm starting the second chapter!
    This has a great idea and stuff, but it needs more detail. Also, I have an idea. He leaves school for a day on a field trip, and when he comes back, it's being attacked by tons of pokemon. The pokemon can be controlled, captured by an evil team, or whatever. That could be his first mission or something. Just a suggestion. Continue this, it could use a bit of detail or so, but it's pretty good.
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