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    @darkpokeball, Oops. I messed up! It's fixed now.

    Here's Chapter Two!

    Pokémon: The Almia Conspiracy

    Chapter 2

    Zack got off the boat, inhaling the fresh, pure air of a new day. He ran to where all the other Trainers were gathering.

    “Hello, young Trainers!” the important-looking man standing on the stage exclaimed.

    The Trainers replied things like “Good Morning,” and “Hello,” and “Get on with it!”

    “Welcome to the entrance exams for the new Pokémon Academy! Now, Doctor Wakeman will announce the rules and the exams!” the man said.

    Then a short woman with grayish hair came up to the podium and picked up the

    “Thank you, Director Quigley. Now, the first exam will be the written test. We will test you on basic type-matchup skills, Pokémon evolutions, and things of that sort,” she said.

    Oh, no, Zack thought. I’m not very good at that.

    “The second test will be the Tactics test,” she continued, “It tests your abilities to fend off tough attacks from other Pokémon.”

    That should be pretty easy, Zack thought.

    “The last test will be a simple battle between you and another Trainer.” she finished.

    She sat back down, and Director Quigley got up and spoke again.

    “Now I would like all of you to enter the hall and line up behind a station to be put in a group.” he said, and slowly the Trainers entered the Academy.

    The Academy’s main building was a magnificent modern-era building. Zack entered it, along with all the other Trainers, at the main entrance, and were in the opulent entrance hall. In the middle of the giant room were four stations in different colors. The Trainers began to filter into lines behind each of the stations.

    Zack eventually got up to the green station where he was given a slip of paper with the number thirteen on it.

    “Hmm, thirteen,” he said as he looked around for the number thirteen somewhere around the room.

    He finally found it, above a large pot of flowers. There were a number of trainers gathered around it. He ran towards them, waiting for the exams to begin.

    Sometime during this process, the stage from outside was brought inside by a group of Machamps. Soon afterwards, the Director got up on it and spoke into the microphone again.

    “Trainers, please get in your groups! The written test is about to start!” he exclaimed, the sound system carrying his voice through the large room.

    Then, the man who was standing behind Zack’s group told them what to do.

    “Ok, after Director Quigley says that it is time to begin the test, you will need to go into that room over there,” he said as he pointed to a door on the wall opposite them, “Remember, no cheating!”

    “Time to begin the test!” the Director boomed.

    Everyone began filing into their doors. Zack entered the room, which had rows and rows of desks lined up. He felt slightly nauseous.

    “Oh, I’m nervous,” he said woefully.

    “It’s not so bad,” another Trainer on his left said.

    “Yeah, I took it last year, and it wasn’t terrible!” another on his right said.

    “Well, I hope so,” Zack replied as he sat down in a desk.

    A tall, blonde woman stepped up to a podium in front of all the desks.

    “She’s hot!” Zack muttered under his breath as she began talking.

    “Before we begin, we will go over the rules for this exam. No cheating and no talking. The test has a hundred and fifty questions, and you need to get one-hundred correct to pass. If you pass at least two exams, you will get into the Academy. Now… Begin!” she announced, and the Trainers began their first exam.

    Little did they know that far away in Almia Castle, spacetime distortions were wreaking havoc.

    To be continued…

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