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Originally Posted by AceDragonite View Post
i was playing the old demo today and i noticed how excelent the music was, your musician/composer did a very good job!
i like how you didn't use old music for everything
Haha, I'm the composer and I'm glad you liked it! Expect many new remixes for the next demo =]. Also, don't forget to post your team here when you finish playing the old demo. That version isn't relevant to bug fix or graphical problem, but it is for balancing!

Originally Posted by Heinze View Post
Whoa JV! That's Great!
I'm in the team Box 8D
**Just JV Can Understand this...
Véi, o cara do PC vem hoje e eu voltarei tipo uma maquina pra trabalhar, me sinto vagabundo e sem consolo por non ter te ajudado pelo meu PC quebrado, mas agora que o negócio vai voltar a funcionar ajudarei o Uranium para ir um pouco mais a frente.

Good Luck! o/
Awesome man, I'm glad your computer is being fixed xD.

Originally Posted by Melvern View Post
Gooooooodddddddddd Game!! I finished the demo..
Found some bug. anyways my final party:
Jollux/Eletux lvl.23 Move:Stomp,Thundershock,Water Gun, Spark
Barewl/Barewl lvl.7 Move:Tackle,Harden,MudSlap,Rock Smash
Smore/Smore Lvl.9 Move:Poison Sting,Stringshot,Scary face
Terlard/Terlard Lvl.22 Move:Sandattack,growl,Dig,Magnitude.

Great Game(PS.Wish LUck on ur game^^)
Haha thanks, good team btw. Also, expect no bug or something close to that in the new demo ^^.

I think we need a userbar or something of that kind, if anyone could do that would be awesome... We have many supporters out there but they can't show it because we don't have one =[.
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