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    Originally Posted by ЩѻƦḽᶑʂḽдƴƹƦ™ View Post
    I can whip up a user bar in the next day or two :). I lurk in this thread a lot haha, suppose I should at least come up with something for you guys.

    Looking great btw :)
    Haha thanks, I'm looking forward to that ubar ;]

    Originally Posted by Riceeman View Post
    Do I get no credits for my Lil' rodent sprites? D:

    Nah, don't worry JV. :P. This game is really shaping up beautifully. The wide range of place styles in the screenshots are gorgeous. Keep up the awesome work.
    Man, I'm sorry =p. Actually I didn't put you there because I didn't knew if I would put you in the Team or in the Credits section.

    Originally Posted by AceDragonite View Post
    oh whoops! here's my demo team
    Lv. 19 Eletux
    Lv. 20 Baashaun

    Lv. 15 Barewl

    ps what levels do Baashaun, Eletux and Barewl evolve at, i assumed one of them would reach evolution level
    Eletux evolves at lvl 27, Baashaun at lvl 22 and Barewl at 28. Baashaun is really close, but I think for the other two only in the next demo >.<.

    By the way, following Neo's suggestion I changed a little bit the command box of the BS, what do you guys think of it =x? (Also showing the quality of the backsprites that Zephyr made xD)

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