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Can i have someone do a front and back battler sprite for me of the fakemon in the attachment? I don't mind if it is scratched, spliced, mutated or whatever. DO NOT do a shiny, it's not necessary. Just a few notes before you do it though:
It is a starter - don't make it too big or small.
It is a sheep - the green fleece however is rather short (unlike mareep's) and as such should not be fluffed up too much
The yellow thing on it's back is a flowerbud and the brown thing on it's head is kind of like a helmet/downed ears.
Also, the pic is an old image i made on inkscape, so it must be known that the toes are supposed to be like chikoritas.
The sprite need not be the same pose, by all means make it more...action-y.

Hopefully someone can help. All credit will be provided where it is due.

Also, magicbus, i have compiled a bunch of graphics into an outside tileset, credits are long and varied (and some belong to me) so if you want it pm me and give credit to all of the people involved.
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