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    Here's a game hack idea I've been working on:

    Game Plot for Pokémon Summer Orange and Winter Violet

    You start off in Shorthill town, a small town at the southwestern end of Honsho, the country north of Kanto, south of Sinnoh. One day, your friend and rival notices that the gate to Shorthill Cave, an unexplored cavern in the forest behind the Pokémon lab, has been accidentally left open. He convinces you to explore the cave with him, but as you approach the entrance, you are noticed and stopped by Professor Juniper. She tells you (who said professors had to be old men?) that she cannot let you inside because a powerful and dangerous Pokémon lives within. However, she might let you help her research it if you can prove to be strong enough trainers to control it. She brings you back inside, and offers you a choice of Pokémon to train, saying that if you beat the gym circuit in Honsho she will consider you strong enough. Her friend Professor Oak (that guy sure gets around) is there too, and upon hearing you will be traveling around Honsho asks you to take his newest Pokédex and test it out by collecting data on Honsho’s native Pokémon. And so your adventure begins!

    Shortly after your second gym battle, you arrive at the desert area in the center of Honsho. Here, an excavation of an ancient ruin has been taken over by Team Meteor, who is looking for information on the legends of Honsho. After you send them packing, the scientists there recover an ancient tablet with strange writing on it, which they will begin to translate.

    A few towns over, Team Meteor has taken over the offices of Virtua, a gaming company, and is wreaking havoc by letting virtual Pokémon escape from cyberspace (imagine a flock of angry Porygon). You must go into the virtual reality chamber to stop them, and deep inside you find out that they are trying to bring virtual forms of two legendary Pokémon to the real world. You stop them, of course.

    Later, after a grueling climb through Mt. Equinox, you arrive at the peaceful village of Winterbloom where you finally learn about the legendary Pokémon themselves. Deep under the mountain, Aestar guardian of summer and Hiempt guardian of winter engage in a yearly battle that results in the changing of the seasons. Soon they will emerge to fight for the beginning of Winter/Summer, and Team Meteor plans to steal the orb where Hiempt/Aestar stores its power. They hope to gain control over the weather so they can threaten whole cities with natural disasters unless they agree to Team Meteor’s demands for power. However, the upset in balance between Aestar and Hiempt could destroy the world…

    If I can manage it, it would be nice to have two compatible versions, with the differences in wild pokemon based on the season, rather than arbitrarily like in the Nintendo games. The appearances of the routes would of course also change depending on the season.

    Now I need to learn how to hack...