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    Celebi's Forest: I got to class early (by like... 2 hours) and eventually started doodling Pokemon sketches. Typically, I cannot draw a Celebi, but I actually managed to do so this day. As soon as I got home, I scanned it and began cleaning up the lines and coloring. I thought it looked pretty nice, so I was going to make a background for it, but, instead, I asked a friend of mine if she wanted to help. She was happy to and went riding in the hills until she found a nice foresty area and snapped a picture. I then applied the Celebi pic and added some shadows, contrast, and glowy effects to make it nice together. If you want to see what the Celebi pic looked like before the background was added, click here.

    Laprince: An attempted Lapras evo that was originally going to be a Lapras, but I customized it a little much. I like how the drawing itself turned out, but I'm not a big fan of the concept. While Lapras really doesn't need an evo, if it had one, I think it would look way cooler than this.

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