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    A Story of twist and turns choices you didn't know you were making and all around unexpected events


    You are a 15 year old Boy Who father died defending the kingdom in which you two lived. You openly hated your father's desicion to do so. When you were told he died you merely laughed in shame and joy, you were proven right and still ashamed of the fact he failed.
    The king and queen took you in as their son.
    When you reached the age of Fifteen you left to become stronger as you realized you were wrong about your father.
    When you became Fifteen you left your kingdom to get stronger to destroy the wretched place that caused you loving father's death.
    You Begin with your first task of getting rid of monsters in front of castle. But while you are leaving is where the real fun begins.
    Your girlfriend comes and kisses you unless you've seen what the choices do you won't even know what you chose. You may be chosing to be good or to be evil to live or to die

    During your adventure You Encounter a Man name Hariza
    He Is the Leader of a group against the kingdom The Organization Of Unity, is what they call themselves. They hid out in many places near the strongholds Which you can help takeover as allied forces for your final goal to get rid of your kingdom and destroy those who tried to stop you.

    You Enter a mysterious cave in which its center can read your heart complete all task given to you from the people you meet in the castles you will visit to unlock the secrets within the orb to discover a new land.

    World of the Orb
    Depending on which story you chose you will enter the world of the orb a different way also affecting what happens when you get there. You will meet 4 Angels And 4 Demons They will teach the reason your father died
    They will show you how angels and demons live in a world together in peace
    Use this information the way you choose to help or to destroy
    Pretty much a chance to decide allignment again

    I won't say much

    You decide to unite the world under one ruler what you do after that is your choice

    Dual storylines
    multiple endings
    lots of replay ability
    Interesting choices to be made
    Advanced battle system(atleast for rmxp credit to xiderowg and moghunter)
    Elder dragons near castles give advice to get through game and special attacks


    Game controls

    Inside Castle

    Dragon Elder Attacks 1

    Moghunter/Xiderowg: Scripts
    Enterbrain:most of why i plan on using is from them

    I can't get the king to turn around after going back to chair
    Games Freezes when choosing evil.

    all (known)others have been and or will be fixed before prologue beta release
    Please report any errors in the Prolougue

    I plan on doing most(sorta) of it myself but someone who can make chapter transitions for me would be apreciated

    Beta 1
    Introducing the main character and getting the story started
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