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    Originally Posted by Alistair View Post
    David, you could easily run a virtual machine of Win2K. I do it, and it works wonders.

    But let's get back on topic. It's good to see a non-Pokemon game on here, and the last one I saw was at least a year ago. I will be a bit blunt, though, and say it needs a bit of work. The mapping isn't all that good, to be honest. The maps look cluttered and unnatural. The interface and title screen are also rough. The font and icons used are a little gaudy, although the animation on the title screen is a decent attempt. The storyline is good so far, but I won't comment too much on it because you can't really read the entire thing without playing the game.

    As for the mapping, I would say experiment with it. I'm not exactly sure what you're going for stylistically, so I can't offer to much advice, except for my opinion above. But I can say that you sould try using more than one type and size of tree and scatter them a bit more naturally, packing them closer for areas that shouldn't be accessible.
    I am clearly aware of that option, but my pc is like 6 years old, with only 700 mb of ram... LOL barely runs Ubuntu with 4 programs open
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