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To everyone who is reading:

Sorry for the lack of updates, I am working on something that's so incredible you'll never believe it, in fact, I can't even tell you guys how awesome it is. It's development has gotten really really far as of now so I'm planning on finishing it early next month. I'll only mention it's got features even Nintendo hasn't done yet (and some that Nintendo has done) I won't reveal it's screenshots though but here's a hint:

The main reason I'm not releasing any more information at the moment is because I'd get a ratio of 10 disbelievers:1 believer about this new system if I don't have it on video but it WILL catch every reader's attention for SURE. No one on PokeCommunity has done this system I'm making...that's how original it will be. However, I still would like to document my progress to you all :D

Audio - 100% Done (Complete)
Graphics - Approx. 80% Done
Systems - Approx. 64% Done
Plans - 100% Done (Complete)
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