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    Im going to try to keep the few who decide to look at the thread as updated as possible

    i decided to use the 4 room of the cave of nowhere to try out the tools but cant get to work i also show the combo attack of blaze sword

    a new feature i had in mind if you chose the evil allignment you can choose to kill anyone you speak sometimes you get something sometimes it cause controversy say if you kill a king
    also showing knew town skipping route t keep suprise

    one thing im trying to fix is they come back to life.

    oh yeah steal gave you the items he was selling


    1 thing is decided good and evil will have different features when interacting with things
    Eteal kill shop owner take items(may cause villager attacks)
    G:Gift obtain items from shop owner need to complete 1 rescue to get 1 gift point

    E:kill kill the person
    G:help help with problem
    B:recruit person becomes ally changes event in end game

    More soon to come
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