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    Sry for double post, but this is the third chapter!
    Sorry for the extra longness too.

    Pokémon: The Almia Conspiracy

    Chapter 3

    When Zack got his test scores back, his face suddenly took on a ghastly expression.

    “No! I got 36 out of 150?!” he said, with the expression still glued to his face.

    “Ooh, too bad, dude. I passed it with 112,” said the first Trainer who Zack had talked to earlier, “By the way, my name is Data. Nice to meet you!”

    “I’m Zach. I think we’ll be pretty good friends,” Zack replied, as Director Quigley began to speak.

    “Great job on the first exam, everyone! Now it’s time for the Tactics exam! Your advisors will tell you where to go,” the Director announced over the sound system.

    Then Zack’s group advisor told the group where they were supposed to go for the second exam.

    “Head to that room over there, and sit down in one of the chairs,” he told them, pointing to another doorway across the room.

    They went through the door and sat in the chairs. Then, a woman entered the room and stood in front of the Trainers.

    “Welcome to the Second exam! This will test your abilities to fend off tough attacks,” she announced, “First up is Kara.”

    A brown-haired young girl came up to the teacher.

    “Go, Gyarados!” the woman exclaimed, and her Pokémon materialized from the red light emitted by its Pokéball. “Now send out your Pokémon.” she told Kara.

    “I choose you, Parret,” she said, and her Bird Pokémon materialized.

    “Stop Gyarados’ Outrage before it faints your Pokémon. Start now! Gyarados, use Outrage!” the woman exclaimed, and Gyarados began using Outrage.

    “Um, Parret, use Protect,” Kara said to her Pokémon, and a shield appeared around it.

    But the shield disappeared almost instantly. The Gyarados repeatedly attacked Parret.

    “Oh! I’ve got an idea! Parret, use your Light Screen around Gyarados!” Kara commanded with newfound enthusiasm.

    “Parrrr!” it said as it summoned a stronger shield to put around Gyarados.

    Gyarados was trapped inside the Light Screen, and could no longer attack.

    “Perfect! You’ve passed this exam!” the teacher exclaimed as Kara returned to her seat.

    “Next up is Zack.” she announced, and Zack walked up to her.

    “Go, Staraptor!” he exclaimed, throwing his Pokéball into the air.

    “Starrr! Rapp!” it screeched happily.

    “Defend yourself effectively, and defeat my Pokémon. Gyarados, use Hydro Pump!” the teacher said.

    “Staraptor, dodge it and use Endure!” Zack said as Gyarados began shooting a stream of water at Staraptor.

    Staraptor flew up in the air and screeched while a reddish light enveloped it as it used Endure.

    “Gyarados, Surf!” she commanded, and the room began to fill up with water, being welled up into a giant wave.

    Staraptor was hit by the huge wave, and lay flat out on the floor.

    “Starr… Trrrr…” Staraptor cried.

    “Staraptor, use Endeavor!” Zack commanded, and Staraptor got up and savagely attacked the Gyarados.

    “Good job, Zack! Gyarados is almost knocked out! You have passed this exam!” the teacher exclaimed, and Zack returned to his seat.

    “Gyarados, here,” she said, administering a Full Restore to her hurt Pokémon. “Next up is Boris!”

    Zack promptly fell asleep watching the rest of the exam.

    Meanwhile, Almia Castle in the far north was being wrecked with spacetime distortions. However, they were not natural distortions. They were caused by Team Targa.

    To learn more about Team Targa, we need to go back a little in the past. About fifty years after the defeat of Blake Hall and Team Dim Sun. Kincaid and his underlings, Lavana, Heath, and Ice, grew tired of the peace created by the Luminous Crystal. So they came up with a plan that would provide more power than the Shadow Crystal ever could. They needed the legendary dragons, Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina. They underwent years of research and expeditions to find where they were. Finally, they got a lead on Dialga. They hurried to Almia Castle, where Dialga had been spotted again. However, it fled. So they continued to search for the dragons. Nothing ever turned up. Until now.

    Meanwhile, at the academy, the third exam was just beginning. Zack’s group was sitting in the stands around the battle stadium, talking, and watching the battles.

    “Zack, you’re up next. Come with me,” the lady from the second exam said, while telling another boy from his section to come along.

    They walked along a corridor for a while, and they turned around a corner. Around that corner, was a room with some Pokémon Healing Machines and two doors on opposite walls. On the wall opposite the entrance was a large window, looking in on the Stadium.

    “Zack, Hikaru, heal your Pokémon, and come back to me,” she told them, and they went off to the machines to heal their Pokémon.

    Zack put his only two Pokéballs into the machine, hearing the chime that all trainers knew. He heard another one from the other side of the room, and took his Pokéballs from the machine. He walked back to the woman, and Hikaru walked back as well.

    “Zack, go through that door over there,” she said, pointing at the door on the left wall.

    “Hikaru, go through the other door,” she said, pointing to the door on the right wall.

    Zack walked to his, and went through, into the stadium. He kept walking, and reached his place on the battlefield. He saw Hikaru on the other side, who was staring at him with an indifferent look.

    “Now we begin Battle Five! Zack Romano! VS Hikaru Ayase!” the Director’s voice boomed over the sound system, “Battle… Begin!!!”

    “Alright, Cubburn, I choose you!” Zack exclaimed, his Fire Lion Pokémon materializing out of his spinning Pokéball.

    “Cubburn!” it said, dancing around on the field.

    “Hmph. Go, Metagross,” Hikaru said, his Pokémon coming out of the Ultra Ball.

    “Meta meta,” the Metagross said, landing on the ground with a slight thud.

    “Wow! That looks like a really strong Pokémon! I’ve gotta defeat it! Cubburn, use Flamethrower!” Zack exclaimed, and the Cubburn began to spit a torrent of fire at Hikaru’s Metagross.

    “The Flamethrower does massive damage to Metagross! It’s having a hard time getting up!” Director Quigley announced through his microphone.

    “Don’t you know showing kindness to your Pokémon is a sign of weakness? Of course, a weak Trainer such as you probably wouldn’t know that. Metagross, finish the weakling with Meteor Mash,” Hikaru said, his Metagross beginning to float up in the air, beginning to use Meteor Mash.

    “Cubburn, dodge it, and use another Flamethrower!” Zack exclaimed, Metagross coming in for its attack.

    Cubburn jumped out of the way, beginning another torrent of fire to spit at Metagross.

    “Cub! BUUUURRRRRRN!!!!!!” Cubburn cried, releasing the fire at Metagross.

    It pounded into Metagross, knocking the Super Computer Pokémon out.

    “Ugh. Metagross, return. Absol, go,” Hikaru said, his Metagross flying back into its Ultra Ball, while another Pokémon began to materialize on the field.

    “Absol. Sol,” the new Pokémon said, sitting down in anticipation of the first attack.

    “Cubburn, use Flamethrower!” Zack said, and Cubburn began another Flamethrower attack.

    “Absol, Sucker Punch.” Hikaru said, Cubburn halfway through its Flamethrower.

    Absol quickly ran up to Cubburn and punched it before the Flamethrower could complete. Cubburn was knocked out.

    “Ooh, Cubburn has been knocked out by Absol’s Sucker Punch! What will Zack do next?” the Director’s voice echoed through the stadium, amplified by the microphone.

    “No, Cubburn! Well, Cubburn, return! Go, Staraptor!” Zack exclaimed, sending out his next Pokémon.

    “Starr! Trr!” it said, flapping around happily.

    “Absol, Protect,” Hikaru commanded, and a light shield appeared around Absol.

    “Staraptor, use Fly!” Zack exclaimed, and Staraptor flew up in the air.

    “Ugh. Absol, use Stone Edge,” Hikaru said, as Absol’s shield faded.

    Absol reared up on its hind legs, and rock began showering down on Staraptor.

    “Starrrr! Trrrr!” it cried, being hurt by the stones pounding on its body.

    Then Staraptor flew at Absol, pecking, scratching, flapping its wings, and everything in between. When it finally completed the attack, Absol had been knocked out.

    “This is amazing! Zack has defeated Hikaru, and the third exam! Congratulations!” the Director’s voice boomed again.

    “Yes! Good job Staraptor!” Zack exclaimed.

    “Starr! Trr!” Staraptor cried, flying in towards Zack.

    “No! How could I have lost? Argh!” Hikaru yelled, angry that he had lost.

    Zack walked back to the room with the Healing Machines, and healed his Pokémon before continuing along the corridor back to his seat.

    He sat down, and he was swarmed by the others in his group.

    “I can’t believe you won against him!” one said.

    “Was it hard?” another asked.

    “You are so awesome!” one other exclaimed.

    “Guys, stop! Let him rest a bit!” Data, his friend from earlier, exclaimed to all of the people swarming on Zack. “So, Congratulations! You’re in the Academy!”

    “I know! I’m so excited!” Zack replied with enthusiasm.

    Meanwhile, spacetime distortions began to spread through the Chroma Ruins as well.

    To be continued…

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