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@> Crazyninjaguy:

Meh Maybe two systems a day for approximately a week. I didn't show some of the systems because they're veryy minor and you probably would only notice something if:

A) They were not there
or B) I wrote about the features

But since you asked one of these "perks" is automatically adjusting the game window to the center of the screen (since it's been resized from Poccil's game window's screensize, I made adjustments so it'll go to the center correctly) and some little other things.


Small update on the new system:

Progress has been booming, now I really believe I'll be able to get a good beta for a video tomorrow midday, possibly in a couple hours tonight. It's really alluring as is, but I'll release some news on the CDS tonight at the very minimal. I personally think I'm going to outdo myself on this, and it's only taken a tiny bit more than a week. (About 9 days) I will try to make the video high quality if I can so you guys can see it better than the previous videos too.

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