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    Originally Posted by Pheonix_slayer View Post
    here is the basic rundown one that i wrote
    Luke (or desired player name) wakes up one day to see that it is time to get his pokemon in a city called PALLET TOWN! Aware and proud that the most strongest trainer in the whole world, Ash Ketchum, also grew up in his town, he was super psyched. However, things have changed. For better or for worse. For example, when he stepped out of his house, the first thing he saw was... WATER. It all happened when he was 8 yrs. old...
    At the age of 8, lukey (what his parents called him) woke up one day, after having a dream of playing with his favorite pokemon, umbreon. When he was finished dressing, he went downstairs. As he came, a neighbour came running in shouting, "Guys, watch the t.v.! something is happening so watch!" After the neighbour ran out, the parents dropped what they were doing and turned on the t.v. Luke (or player name) runs to joing the parents. This is what he saw.
    "A news reporter is on t.v. 'hello, welcome to daily news. we have something to show you in Sootopolis City, Gresham?' (screen switches) 'As you can see here, there is an extremely heavy downpour. LOOK! A kid, approaching the legendary pokemon! He is locally known as brendan! What?? he can't stop them! Rayquaza is going ballistic!' the newsreporter continues, 'What is team aqua archie doing? a tm? he's puttin it on kyogre, oh no! The tm is ice beam! he is whispering something!' (pauses) 'no! whats! ... can't be... Kyogre is leaping in the air, using ice beam! Move Rayq... No IT can't! it... Direct hit, rayquaza is falling.' Kyogre faces reporter and bellows! 'NOOO!!! No, run, i...(static)..."
    After seeing this, luke (again player name) runs up to his room, leaving his shocked parents in the family room. He looks out of his window, and sees dark clouds gathering! he reckognizes this from school, columbus clouds. he plops on his bed, while hearing terryfieng thunder and rain and hail start to pour. to this kid, this is an adventure. "Just 2 more years", he whispers. Just 2 more years.
    [story begins] Luke (again) remembering this, on his walk to oaks lab, gets Gary running into him. He says,"Jeez, i finally found you! something has happened!" You ask what, and gary replies, "Ash is gone! he went to the sinnoh region, and discovered something horrific, and the real truth behind kyogre's cataclism 2 years ago! He needs you!" Gary runs off, never to be seen again (till later of course). you go to oaks lab, and he is in there pacing along. He notices's you and says, Luke (sigh) i need a favor of you. instead of your pokemon dream, you need to do something else. sorry, but it is of utmost importance." Oak continues, "Ash and gary have discovered these holes around the kanto region, and they are spreading. word comes out that ash went into one, and never came out! you have to go inspect and find out about these holes. Here, for your protection, i will give you a pokemon. They are so rare, it is fair to say that they are one of the last of their kind, due to these terrible times." Suprised, you ask, "well how do i stop the cataclysms, and find out and do whatever is necessary about these holes?" Oak gravely replies, "I don't know son, I don't know..."

    so basically, luke, who is another person starts his adventure after pokemon emerald's scene, except with the variation that team aqua won. and then floods started impacting every region. (meaning if i create this game, all regions are in). and you have to stop it AND become a pokemon master.

    p.s. should i call this game pokemon death blue or pokemon flux?
    Great idea!
    I had a similar one called Pokemon: Shards of Darkness(because I break up Kanto into different areas due to natural catastrophe) a hack of FR, but since my hacking skills aren't quite advanced, all I could do is mess around with the map and stuff. My character can't really do anything about the situation, and still has to do what you normally do in the games.