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    Originally Posted by blaQk View Post
    Then whoever checked it is a retard. Celebi was not given out as a shiny from an event and 10 ANIV events can't be shiny regardless what anyone says.

    In fact, no event can be shiny save for events that are given out as shiny and the WISHMKR Jirachi (which I personally don't believe even it can be).
    Just like the bs excuses you were giving Aaron then erased his event Poke because you perceived everything as a hack.? Yea, sorry, but I'll take the word of Smogon people who are extremely into hack checking over you any day. A lot of different events can be shiny, btw. So, it's not just certain ones you believe.

    It's raitoningu's call either way, all I'm saying is Celebi CAN be shiny legitly.

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