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    Originally Posted by Lusidea View Post
    The story, from what i've read, seems promising, however, theres one big loop hole in it. If the region has been rediscovered, than I don't think it'll be as you have designed it in the screenshots (which I will get to later). The screenshots show civilisation, which I would think would contact other regions.

    The screen shots are nice, however, my only nit pick would be the floor tiles on the city. The plain grey is... plain. If its supposed to be tarmac, add little bits on the tiles to give that effect.
    Thanks for the critique Sorry for the confusion, the region was actually rediscovered a few hundred years ago by one of the characters' ( to be revealed later on ) ancestors. Our game is in the near future, and people of the region have already contacted other regions of the pokemon world. Don't worry, the tiles will be changed. They're just like placeholders until we get the real tiles.

    Thanks again,

    Originally Posted by NikNaks View Post
    I wholeheartedly agree with Lusidea. However, I'd like to add that of your entire post, you've offered us nothing in the way of actual information. You've listed a few things you're going to have, but you haven't given us any details as to what they are. This P4, for instance. What's it like? Why is it different? Give us something more to go on, or there's little point posting a thread.
    Aha sorry '' We didn't really know how much to post here, but you're right, more info should be posted so you know what the game is like. I'll edit the first post now.
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