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    Thanks for posting Biggar :)
    I must say that swing & lock is starting to grow on me.. I know you might like the camera best at one angle, but other people might sometimes want a low camera angle, hence the poll.. As for the buildings, I've already reduced the height of the roof so that they look better at some angles and I could make separate sprites for low angles, but I thought it might look weird when you lower the camera angle for the roof to slowly flatten while the front stays the same.. Oh and I will make 4-directional sprites for the mailbox and sign. Please try not to be overly hypocritical of the engine because even the real pokemon games rely on a bit of optical illusion.

    I've been working on the npc movement system.. Npc's will wait if their path is blocked, and continue their actions when the path is free. I've finished a dynamic npc, capable of randomly moving between several places of interest and performing actions at each place.
    I'm thinking of adding a 1st person perspective, not sure though 'cause people might think "What's the point? I can see huge pixels".. Here's a random screen showing a lovely 4-dir fishing sprite that will be seen in the next beta (it's also animated). The screen shows how close you can get before it becomes hard to see the town due to the horizon.. The horizon also shrinks down as you zoom in (a little too much I think)..

    Oh and in the next beta, you will be able to select your map resolution (Currently set to lowest for speed)..

    Pokemon Indigo League is a re-creation of the original Pokemon TV series in game form
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