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Well it's just a beta of the CDS, I am improving on a lot of the features' interfaces but EVERYTHING IS FUNCTIONAL. (All Wi-Fi features work flawlessly) Meh, I'm 15 so I dunno why Nintendo would hire me.


@> Everyone:

Sorry about the shop's interface =/ The graphics are placeholders for now.

More Info on the CDS :

Download Points: These are like money, but you accumulate them differently than money and they allow you buy stuff on the online shop.
Emblems: These are awards you receive for meeting various objectives, these objects are very, very challenging though (Much, much harder than Nintendo has made so far).

Everything seen downloaded on the CDS Beta I showed was all for debugging purposes, such as there will be more items in the online shop. Not to mention there will be more emblems than just the two shown, those were just to show the beta interface for the Emblem Case

~ CP

Update! To follow up my CDS system I'd love to present NeoMode7, fully compatible with Pokemon Origin. The map is flat but it is rotated and stuff but yeah I restarted the scripting on it and I completed the modifications in an hour with NO help!

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