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    It's a lonely day in the quiet down of Young Bud, as it always is when you're the youngest and only one who can't legally train a Pokemon. You hop in your bed to rest, because everyone knows time flies when you sleep. You could cut this last year in half! Only half a year 'til you're a PkMn Trainer! Alright!

    *The Earth starts to shake*

    You run downstairs to see what's the matter. Three thugs in silly red costumes are searching your house frantically for something They run outside and into the Pokemon lab. You follow them, to find the Professor lying on the floor, almost unconscious. He mutters something... "Briefcase... Pokemon... Fight..." Your run to a briefcase and grab a Pokemon of your choice (The three starters!) You confront the most important looking one of the men in the red Uniforms(There's 3 in all). He tells you it's too late, he's already got all the Rare items from here. He walks over to the briefcase and takes it. He tells one of the rookies to follow him, and the other to deal with you.

    You fight the man in red, and beat him (hopefully, he has a really weak Poocheyena), and he runs off too. When you get outside, you see a Groudon terrorizing the city. destroying everything!

    *a year later*

    Over the past year you have heard many reports similar to that, only the men sometimes wore blue and had a Kyogre rather than a Groudon.. Your are now legally aloud to train Pokemon, so you venture off into the Region, hoping to become strong enough to end these terrorist attacks. You do you're research and apparently Pokemon Gyms are a good way to train. You decide that's what you'll do; travel the region hoping to learn skills to end the Kyogre/Groudon attacks.
    !!! Wait! You haven't gotten your license yet! You run to the Pokemon Lab, where you receive your license and a POKeDEX.

    Ya, it's pretty generic. My one goal is to make sure that Pokemon Gyms arent just Cakewalks though. The Gym Leaders will mean business, having teams of 4-6 Pokemon with no "fillers".

    I may add some depth to this, like your mother is kidnapped and never seen again so you also try and find her. Who knows.

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