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Water pokemon rule!!!
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    PM me if you want to trade for one or more of the following:
    Skarmory, staraptor, magcargo, camerupt, steelix, golem, cacturne, banette, dugtrio, raticate, alakazam, tentacruel, golbat, medicham, machamp, walrein, gastrodon, pelliper, chatot, clefairy, floatzel, octillery, noctowl, bronzong, lumineon, kricketune, sudowoodo, Azumarill, mismagius, tentacool, roserade, wingull, shellos, meditite, drapion, hoothoot, psyduck, carnivine, azurill, quagsire, skorupi, hippopotas, wooper, bronzor, pichu, onix, raichu, oddish, bibarel, gastly, combee, pikachu, pachirusu, gallade, ninetales, budew, chingling, seadra, buneary, sneasel, weepinbell, blastoise, haunter, clamperl, ralts, vulpix, machop, buizel, horsea, phione, slugma, rattata, diglett, bellsprout, cacnea, spearow, rhyhorn, numel, finneon, wurmple, renoraid, snorlax, shinx, geodude, bidoof, bronzor, oddish, squirtle, bonsly, chansey, crawdaunt, jumpluff, plusle, skiploom, sunkern, abra, hoppip, girafarig, azelf, mesprit, uxie, toxicroak, abomasnow

    (the color green means that there's a trade pending on that pokemon)
    My Pearl FC is:0732-7275-2875
    Don't forget to check out my awesome shopping center!!!!!!!
    Will give three pokemon from my thread for one of the following:
    Articuno [10ANNI] - ITA (06227)
    Charizard [10ANNI] - ITA (06227)
    Entei [10ANNI] - ITA (06227)
    Ho-oh [10ANNI] - ITA (06227)
    Latias [10ANNI] - ITA (06227)
    Latios [10ANNI] - ITA (06227)
    Lugia [10ANNI] - ITA (06227)
    Pikachu [10ANNI] - ITA (06227)
    Raikou [10ANNI] - ITA (06227)
    Suicune [10ANNI] - ITA (06227)

    No black/white yet.