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    I'll be checking out Houndoom + Tauros. I wanted to do Girafarig and Stantler too, but the post became too long and it's getting late.
    (G) Where did his back leg go?
    (S) ..Why is he red? His body is awkward, too.
    (C)This is more like the traditional Houndoom we know today. Its howling looks a bit like it's going "MOOOOOOO."
    (R/S) I find this awkward. He looks kind of cross-eyed. D:
    (E) I like the frame when he's howling, and if he didn't do that weird shaky-rumble thing, it'd be cool.
    (DP)This...I don't like this. But it's better than the HGSS one.
    (Plt) What.. is this? It's so boring!

    (RB) -gigglesnort-
    (G) Better, but it's still quite wonky.
    (Y)- Colors were murdered. Pose is alright, but the shading is off..
    (G)- I really like this one. It's very light, though.
    (S)- Colors fixed(a bit bright), but I like the pose of Gold's better.
    (C)- I liked this one a lot. Good animation. :> colors go back to light again.
    (RS)-It's kind of.. fat?
    (FRLG) I always lol at this one. Tiny feets!
    (E) Nothing to report here. Just bad animation and fatness.
    (DPPT) I have to say, I don't like this sprite much. Awkward.
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