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Rivals til death
ReploidZero798 and FireEmperor-Owner's of thread and first Rivals
Flame_Chi and Dark Magician
UnRivaled People

You two need to pick what you're rivals about. EG: Me and FEMP are both rivals in the business of world Domination.
Would you guys like a title? EG: Rivals til Death

Don't wanna think about tomorrow
I just don't care tonight
I just wanna jump
Don't wanna think about my sorrow
Let's go
Forget your problems
I just wanna Jump
I don't wanna wake up one day
And find out it's too late
To do all the things I wanna do
So I'm gonna pack up my bags
I'm never coming back
'Cuz the years are passing by
And I'm wasting all my time
I'm sick of this house, sick of being broke,
Sick of this town that's bringing me down,
I'm sick of this place, I wanna break free
I'm so frustrated
I just wanna jump
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