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    Alright minchan, I can't wait to see your drawings.

    I'm gonna post my discussion of the latest manga chapter to come from Japan.
    And since this isn't out in the US yet, I'm going to put it into spoiler tags.
    Manga 402:

    Well we get to see Kisuke show off some of his great Kidō skills. Bakudo #79: Kuyō Shibari seemed like a really interesting binding spell. Hadō #91: Senjū Kōten Taihō is probably on of the coolest destruction spells I've seen. Maybe because it reminds me of my zan. ;p
    Aizen did another one of his "haha I'm not dead" bits. And wow, he's even acknowledging how god-mod he is now. xD
    I don't quite understand this seal Kisuke is using. Hopefully it'll be better explained in the next chapter. But it does look like it'll leave Aizen with a considerable injury.