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jrookie, I'm testing it on my laptop which has these specs: xp pro sp1, pentium 4, 2.2Ghz processor (seems to be running at 1.18 though), 512mb ram.. The lag isn't really that bad for me, I assume most people who use their PC's for games would have like 3.5-4.5Ghz processors..
Your HD capacity is also important with lag, I recommend having at least 1Gb free (because I suspect the virtual memory paging file is quite large for games made with the starterkit, and that is just a bit of a guess based on past configurations).. Windows also runs a lot of background-tasks depending on what programs you have installed, try closing all other programs (anti-virus etc.) when playing the demo, because you really should experience it at full speed..

Anyone who is having problems viewing the videos, do you have divx codecs installed? It's merely support for your media apps (which rmxp uses) to play files compressed in divx format. I'm pretty sure it was divx and not xvid.. Actually, the files ended up being a certain kind of AVI file, but they had to be compressed in a certain manner to get the filesize I wanted.. You'd be better off downloading one of those huge codec packs, I think the one I have is called Ace codecs or something..
I was assuming that since they ended up back in AVI format, everyone would be able to see them, but I guess I must have chosen a special kind of AVI file, or it's kept some of the previous compression somehow (I don't really know how that stuff works)..
Anyway, if you do all that and you're still having problems, I'm sorry because I don't know how else to help. But I'm sure there's a good reason why it works for me and Konekodemon..

Will post a game update later on today, I've been torn between working on the battle system and fixing the starter-kit related errors.. So many things I want to do and not enough time..

Pokemon Indigo League is a re-creation of the original Pokemon TV series in game form
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