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    LOL I'm not a captain yet. XD

    But heck, I don't care if you call me that. LOL

    Anyway, I had quite a bit of homework today so I couldn't work on my zanpakuto. I'll do what I can to finish it in a timely fashion but I can't really predict what my teachers will assign.


    Oh yeah. I was gonna write a fanfiction but I have two different ideas and I'm not sure which one to work on. Can you guys help me choose?

    Idea 1:
    An alternate universe fanfiction based in New York City. The idea was inspired by the images from the newest ending theme, Stay Beautiful by Diggy MO'. (Don't worry, that ending song's images and lyrics contain no spoilers.) Anyway, I live in NYC so I think it would be an interesting story to write. I would use the characters shown in that ending sequence.

    Idea 2:
    A fanfiction based at the Soul Reaper Academy, with mainly original characters. It would take place many years after the Bleach timeline, and would be a school-life kind of story. I came up with this idea because I really enjoy school-life stories, and one of my favorite scenes in Bleach is the flashback to when Momo, Renji, and Izuru were at the Academy.

    So, does anyone have any preference or opinion on which idea I should write about? I'm open to ideas from anyone, though I can't promise I'll use them all.

    Also, would it be okay if I made some group banners for people's signatures?

    EDIT 2:

    I made a userbar for the group. If you don't want to use it or want it to be changed or altered, just let me know. I just want to post it here to see if you like it. If so, I will make similar ones for the other squads. Here's what I made so far:

    Comments, anyone?