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Argh. Go and argue with my English teacher.

She'll knock ya down.

Like I said, I. Have. Had. A. Bad. Day.

I don't need a hat-trick of tears.

Try debating with some kids in my class.

I don't need this blow in the guts after the day I have had.

Black as your battery charger. OMG.

Use the English language properly.

Whoops, there's the hat-trick! I'm crying right now!

Hope ya are happy.

Someone's smiling.

Someone's crying.

One's got the really low end of the deal.

(I wonder who that was...)

Find yourself someone else to hit. I don't need this. I'm tired, crying, and depressed.

Black as your pencil.

Actually there are some very nice red pencils out there... *rolls eyes*

Signing off with a splash of tears,
D *tear smudge* P

あの交差点で皆がもしスキップをして もしあの町の真中でてを繋いで空を見上げたら