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    Glad you like the userbar!

    I'm gonna start working on the one for squad 2 right now... Just because I can. LOL

    I want a couple more opinions on the story but I'll be keeping track of which one has more people interested in it. So it's 0-1 so far.


    Here are userbars for squads 2 and 3. They were actually easier than the first one, since I just edited the text, gradient, and kanji. Enjoy!

    EDIT 2:

    I just drew up my shikai. I just need to design the bankai now. I probably won't get to it today, because I have a good amount of homework and I haven't actually started it yet. Hopefully I will have it done soon, so I can upload all the designs. I might draw myself in soul reaper form too, depending on my time schedule and my inspirations.

    EDIT 3:

    I just did the userbars for squads 4 and 5. Here they are. Enjoy!

    By the way, I may or may not continue making these today. Don't worry, I will finish them. It just might take a couple days or so, depending on how quickly I finish my homework once I start it.

    EDIT 4:

    I had a sudden inspiration for a bankai design so I went ahead and drew it up. I'll try to scan the images as soon as possible. Look forward to them!

    EDIT 5:

    I've decided I want to add color to my zanpakuto drawings on the computer. I've finished coloring the spirit form, but I still need to color the unreleased sword form, the shikai form, and the bankai form. Anyway, click the spoiler below to see Tsuyokin's spirit form. If you have questions about this form, feel free to ask me! I'm more than happy to answer.


    The best part about this is that I even finished my homework! I got a lot done today.

    I also added a link to the full size version of this image in my post with my zanpakuto information.