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    Originally Posted by DarkAlucard View Post
    I'm mexican but my skin tone is white, and because i'm not like all mexican stereotypes (more-like-brown-skin-tone) all call me "gringo or guero" (words here in Mexico to refer the people in USA). But i don't feel discriminated, i think that all has to be with the person himself, we come in all tones of colors and i don't discriminate anyone (i've a lot of friends and we never discusses about etnicies) but if you can laugh of yourself (i'm white so always i say that i'm a vampire with anemia haha) then you're lost, when Ludicolo comes in R/S/E all my friends say: What!!! They're making fun of us, a pokemon like a mexican dude come on. I, really laugh at it and say: Ey, a Mariachi Pokemon haha, that's the reason i think Jynx color was irrelevant, what's the problem for being black? I think that that's not a offense to anybody (of course, if you accept yourself).
    I agree into that, the thing is not everyone is like us,but seriously, if when i laught out of myself i get lost then throw me to the Lost Island coz i simply can´t be more lost than i am now.

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