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    Bonjour bleachies!! May I join?!

    I lova lova lova the bleach!

    Are you guys following the manga or just the anime? (I don't want to give away spoilers!)

    Anyways Byakuya is my favourite character, my favourite arc was the SS arc and my favourite filler arc was the bount arc, purely because of how bad-ass Ishida got at the end when he was fighting Kariya!

    Also here is my fabulosa Zanpakuto'll have to excuse my crude ms paint skills!

    Name: "Tenshi Kabemaru" (which I think is how "Angelic Wall" would translate)



    It would be a fairly normal looking Chinese broad sword with a red cloth extending from the pommel of the hilt.


    Release Command: "Tachi agaru (Stand Up) Tenshi Kabemaru!"



    An enormous round and thick golden shield appears on the non-sword arm. The shield's edge is sharp to cut with. The sword itself remains and is now golden and much harder to match the shield. Both the sword and shield have massive defensive capabilities.

    The sword and shield are both tied to the cloth which wraps around the wielders like a large sash-type belt. The cloth is very durable and is not easily cut.

    Both the shield and the sword can be flung out to attack by the sash which can extend for these ranged attacks. (and similarly pulled back when required)

    If swung correctly the throwing of the shield and sword on the sash can also tie up opponents.

    However the primary function of the zanpakuto is a solid and near unbreakable defense and ranged attacks leave the wielder open.

    Ability: Kinzou (Golden Statue)

    In addition to this the Zanpakuto has a special ability called "Kinzou" (Golden Statue) in which the wielder can make his own body as hard and as dense as the shield and sword, becoming invulnerable to attacks. However while the wielder is in this state he is completely petrefied. He cannot move, see, feel, hear or even breathe, so attacking while using "kinzou" or maintaining the form is entirely impossible.


    Bankai: "Oku Tenshi no Kabemaru" (Wall of one hundred million angels)

    The shield disappears and is replaced by two enormous and dense golden wings of the same material as the shield and sword, only much thicker. These wings are very heavy and prevent almost any movement by the wielder. When the wings are closed shut they provide a completely impenetrable shell. Nothing can enter or harm the wielder, nor can the wielder launch an attack or move. The wielder can close the wings with andother person inside them, making it perfect for either containing an enemy (providing they have been imobilised) or protecting a person while healing them with kidou.

    However when the wings open the user becomes exposed, but can send thousands of red ribbons out of the wings to ensnare and immobilize the opponent then draw him in, to deliver the final blow with the sword component. While the wings are open the wielder becomes capable of making small jumps, but moving is still fairly difficult.