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~Pokemon: Height of Discord OOC Thread~



Welcome to the Pokemon: Height of Discord OOC Thread! This thread is for any non-post related discussion. This includes questions, comments, or any other kind of thread related discussion.


1- Filled by MrGhost (Me, Lento the slowpoke)

2- The Magus (Thread Moderator, Ping the farfetch'd)

3- Godrex2 (Reggie the charmander)

4- The Jewel of Life (Shelby the Mijumaru)

5- The Bringer (Terrance the Exeggcute)

6- Jenningzo (Phoenix the Trapinch)

7- The Bringer (Axis the Murkrow)

8- DoubleJ (Aegis the Shedinja)

9- NSM Eclipse (Riley the Teddiursa)

10- RainbowMunchies (Deirdre the Cubone)

Well, we finally have a group! I will remind you that the posting order works like this:

MrGhost (Me)

The Magus (Thread Admin)

The Bringer


The Jewel of Life



NSM Eclipse


Be sure to follow it.
The thread will start up some time within the next few days, although I'll be gone from Saturday to Wednesday (I'll be back on Thursday).
I WILL ABSOLUTELY NOT TOLERATE WHINING ABOUT WHEN WE'LL START. If you do this, then you will almost definitely be kicked out of the thread, or severely chided.

Thank you, and happy RPing!
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