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    Hello Porygon-Z. You have a nice zanpakuto, but I must ask you to please read the clubs rules over again before I can let you join.

    The sealed form on you zan is neat. But could you size down the images next time. :p

    Alright, I made a generic Bleach club user bar. I actually have two different fonts that I can't choose between, so I was hoping you could help me decide. And if you don't like the color scheme, I go back and do something different.

    And here's the discussion topic for next week...
    If you could have any one canon (this includes movies, fillers and games) zanpakuto as your own, which would you choose?
    I think I would have to go with Tosen's Suzumushi.
    It would feel the most like my own zanpakuto, and I like the option of having a non lethal ability to stop agitators.