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    That's an easy question. Tobiume! No doubt about that. I guess it's because Momo is my favorite female character in Bleach. LOL

    And I can make the images smaller next time. The ones I uploaded are not resized after scanning and the high dpi makes it a big image. I'll do my best to remember to resize them from now on.

    Oh yeah, and I like the userbars! I think both are nice, and you should keep both of them. This way people can choose which one they want.

    I'll still work on the ones for the specific squads, but can I also make some generic ones?

    Oh, and right now, it's about 3:30 in the morning and I haven't slept yet. And I'm about to collapse. LOL So I'll talk to you guys later today or tomorrow.


    Hmm... It's been a bit quiet around here, no?

    Anyway, I finished the userbars for squads 6 and 7, but my internet's acting up on my laptop so I can't upload them yet. I'll try to do that soon though.