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    PPRE Tutorial & FAQ

    Welcome to the Project Pokémon's ROM Editor Tutorial and FAQ!
    Please CLICK HERE to download the newest version of PPRE.

    This tutorial should give you all the information you'll need to get the programme working. Some extra information is given in CODE fields. You can ignore these parts of the tutorial if you already know how it works.

    If you already have your folder with the downloaded files and a Rom File, you can SKIP STEP 1. If you're uncertain if you did the right things, just read STEP 1 as well.

    Quick information: the programme PPRE was created by SCV and Alpha (aka Alpha Splash). It is a programme to edit Scripts, Trainers, Pokémon, and many more for DS POKéMON GAMES.


    Step 1
    First create a New Folder. For example, go to My Documents, hit the right mouse button and select 'New > Folder'. Rename this folder to 'PPRE' for convenience. I'll call the new created folder PPRE from now on.

    The second step is to download the programme. CLICK HERE to download it. What you actually download is a .ZIP file.
     Extra: What are .ZIP files and how do I open them?
    With special programmes, you can create .ZIP files. .ZIP files make it easier to carry
    different files; it compresses SEVERAL files to ONE file. For example; to get PPRE working,
    you need 3 other files. Instead of downloading these 3 other files seperately, you can
    just download them all at once via a .ZIP (''package'') file.
    You can open .ZIP files with programmes like WinRAR or WinZIP.
    Evaluation Versions of these programmes can be downloaded for free from their sites.
    Just click one of the links below to go to their official site.
    Open the downloaded .ZIP file with either WinRAR of WinZip. It contains 4 files, which should be:
    • ndstool.exe
    • ppre.exe
    • Tabel.tbl
    • thenewpoketext.exe
    If this is correct, select the 4 Files and hit the right mouse button. Now click 'Extract...' (or something like that, it might differ between the programmes). (Check the Spoiler for an image) A new screen opens. Search for your new created folder and hit the Unzip / Extract button. The 4 files will be extracted to your new folder!


    You now need a Pokémon Rom. It has to be one of the following Roms:
    • Pokémon Diamond
    • Pokémon Pearl
    • Pokémon Platinum
    • Pokémon Heart Gold
    • Pokémon Soul Silver
     Extra: Where can I download a Rom File?
    Please remember though that Rom Files are ILLEGAL. You may only use them if
    you have an original copy of the game. I can't help you with downloading a Rom file as
    they are illegal. Just Google it and I'm sure you'll find one. NEVER ask for a Rom File
    on this forum.
    The rom has to be UNTRIMMED (untouched / unedited).

    The Rom should be in a .ZIP file, too. You have to Extract the Rom to the SAME NEW FOLDER!
    The following thing is very IMPORTANT. Open your new folder where your Rom File should be. Now RENAME the Rom File. For example, if you have a Pokémon Diamond rom, rename it to: diamond.nds, if you have a Pokémon Platinum Rom, rename it to platinum.nds and if you have a Soul Silver Rom, rename it to soulsilver.nds, etc.! This might seem unnecessary, but it is very important.

    What we have is a New Folder (hopefully named PPRE) with 5 files (the 4 PPRE files and 1 Pokémon Rom).

    Step 2
    Now you have to open the ppre.exe file. Double click to open it. You should see the following screen (beta-number might differ).

    Follow the following steps to get the programme working. Never forget any of these steps or it will go wrong!
    1. Step 1: type in the name of your Rom (which should be diamond.nds, pearl.nds, platinum.nds, heartgold.nds or soulsilver.nds) in the RED TEXT FIELD. With 'Red' I mean the red-circled field as you can see in the screenshot above. You have to add the '.NDS' suffix!
    2. Step 2: Now you click the green-circled button 'Set Rom'. A black screen should open. Please wait, it will take around 1 minute. Do not click anywhere during the progress. When the black screen goes away, you can continue to Step 3.
     Extra: What is happening during Step 2?
    The ppre programme is now 'opening' your rom. It uses the ndstool.exe file to create
    a temporary folder, which is needed to edit your Rom. In your PPRE folder, a new folder
    should be created, called: tmp_platinum if your game was Pokémon Platinum Version, or
    tmp_pearl if your game was Pearl, and so on! This folder is needed to edit with PPRE,
    so DO NOT delete that folder.
    1. Step 3: it's time to edit! I might create a tutorial about how that works, too, but for now, you should be able to do it yourself! You can edit POKéMON, MAPS and TRAINERS. As this is a Beta, you can not edit ABILITIES, ITEMS, MOVES, etc. yet. Don't click that buttons.
    2. Step 4: ah, so you changed the things you like? You made Lugia evolve into Magikarp and Pikachu evolve into Arceus? Eh, nice. Now you have to save your game. Take a look at the screenshot. You see the blue-circled textfield? You have to enter the following: pearledit.nds if you were editing a Pearl Rom, platinumedit.nds if you were editing a Platinum Rom, heartgoldedit.nds if you were editing a Heart Gold Rom and so on!
    3. Step 5: now click the orange/yellow-circled button 'Write ROM'. Wait a minute again and take a look at your PPRE folder. A new file called platinumedit.nds (or something else, depending on the rom you're changing) should be created!

    YOU NOW PERFECTLY EDITED YOUR ROM! Thanks for using this tutorial! Happy Rom-editing!

    Note - when you're going to do this progress again, Step 2 will not take 1 minute but only 1 second instead, as the temporary folder already exists.

    FAQ will be added later on.
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