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Sorry everyone for not showing the gym leaders yesterday as I promised, I was totally busy... Anyways, thats not a problem because I'll show them to you right now!

Gym Leader: Maria
Pokémon: Normal/Beginner Pokémon

A young girl, actually an experienced trainer, that started a gym after getting pretty far in the regional championship last year.

Gym Leader: Davern
Pokémon: Cave

A man who has a fascination with spelunking and caves ever since he took refuge in one as a child. He carved out his gym himself.

Gym Leader: Cali
Pokémon: Beach

An energetic young girl in a swimsuit, the heartthrob of every boy (and some girls) in Bealbeach. She is a surfer and a lifeguard. She used to be afraid of the ocean and now uses her Pokémon to help people overcome that fear.

I hope you liked these three, I'm quite satisfied with their designs and bios, they fit West Tandor quite nicely. As you can see, there isn't an specified type for each gym, what sure gives an extra challenge to them ^^. Well, comment, make suggestion and tell me what you want to see next.Cya~
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