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    Name: Reggie
    Species: Charmander
    Appearance: Black Charmander, with a purple belly. Has a mahogany lightning bolt shaped scar over left eye.
    Personality: Reggie is a dear hearted rebel.
    Background and History: Reggie was abused as a child. His mother left him after seeing his discoloration, and his dad beat on him a lot. Reggie also lost one of his teeth because of this. After Reggie had, had enough he fled to the ruins of a human city. There he set up a home in a Pokemart. An evil hearted Zangoose attacked him but lost. Although the Zangoose lost Reggie suffered his hideous scar. Over the next few years Reggie learned he had a long lost brother Stone (a Charmeleon). He is currently living in the Purple Forest.Reggie has always been a rebel. He will push the rules, no matter what it was in. He pushed the limits of his father, wild Pokemon, life, and the length of a woman's hair band that he found laying under one of the shelfs in the Pokemart. This did not go over well. Now when ever he sees elastic objects he cautiously pokes them with a long stick. He once even wondered if the fact he was discolored meant that he can out live the average water span of a typical Charmander with it's tale in water.... after attempting this he almost died, if not for the kind heart of a local Slowking. Ever since he will not even go near water... little does he know his bed is a water fountain. Reggie loves to crack jokes with other Pokemon. Once he made a joke about how many Slakoths it would take to eat an entire oran berry.... this resulted in 13 Slakoths chasing him for the next several hours. He has tried to forget about his past, but thinking about it has made him do stupid thing(s) AKA putting his tail in the water.... He jokes as a hobby and hopes to make friends that may adopt him while he is still young.
    Other: Reggie has a strange egg move, Close Combat. Reggie prefers melee but will use ranged if necessary.

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