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Originally Posted by Nikolai Fox View Post
Hey. I'm using the Fire Red Hacked Engine and I have two questions:

1. How do you use the Pokémon Center script? I can make a custom heal script, but I can't get it so you go to a Pokémon Center when you die, instead you end up in map 0.0. I tried copying the level scripts from a Pokémon Center in vanilla Fire Red, but nothing :/

2. How exactly do you use the Wild Pokémon level editor? Here's the script I used:
#dynamic 0x100000
#org @start
setvar 0x4051 0x202

According to the instruction manual, (i think) this should make it so wild pokemon will be the same level as my strongest pokemon + 2 levels, but nothing happens whether i put it in a level script or a floor script :/
For your first question, set a certain variable to the map number and bank, but I forgot which variable or the format for the value :/ Just find the info about pokemon center changes in the engine's instruction manual, it's in there. You're going to need to tweak the healing scripts to add the setvariable command in when you talk to the nurse.
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