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No one has put up any response here in a while, but okay, I'll sign up.
P.S. I hope you don't mind me using a gen. V pokemon~


Mijumaru (female)

Shelby looks very similar to an ordinary Mijumaru. She has a white head with an orange nose, blue ears, and freckles. Her body is pale blue with white arms, blue legs, and a blue tail. In the center of Shelby's chest is a pale yellow seashell, however, unlike most Mijumaru her seashell has a few darker patches and speckles. Also, Shelby often puts a wreath made of different kinds of seaweed over hear head so that it rests just above her blue ears. Every few days, Shelby swims out in the ocean in search of some more seaweed so that she can build a fresh wreath. On one such swimmng trip, a piece of wire left over from the time when humans were around got caught around her left foot. Without opposable thumbs, Shelby was unable to remove said wire and it has remained twirled aroun her ankle ever since.

An ordinary Mijumaru picture is attached to this post for referance.

Shelby is very quiet and very shy. She doesn't often speak to others and she prefers to keep her emotions balled up inside. In tough situations, Shelby's first instinct is to flee, but because she wants to become stronger, she usually pushes to go on and continue fighting. Perhaps as a result of her skittishness, Shelby seems to have a good instinct of when danger is near, which has proven useful on a few isolated occasions. Once Shelby warms up to someone and stops being shy, she becomes a very loyal friend and will always be there for support, either physical or emotional.Finally, Shelby is very curious and likes to collect strange trinkets that she finds while diving or taking walks on the beach.

Background and History:
No one seems to know where Shelby's parents went, and since her species is very rare and almost never seen, many pokemon spread rumors that she magically appeared without parents. Maybe that is true, but all that is really known is that she was found asleep on the beachside as a baby and brought up by a pair of floatzel. Being similar to an otter in shape, and with their love of water, the couple made an excellent substitute for Shelby's real parents. All through her early childhood, Shelby spent most of the time at the beach and had very few freinds. From an early age she began collecting seashells- especially those that looked like the one on her chest -as well as bundles of seaweed that she used to make her crowns.

Once she was a little older, Shelby got involved with a group of pokemon that lived in the vicinities of the beach and held skirmishes on the sand. From the get-go Shelby was one of the weaker in the troop, but somehow she managed to pull through and eventually reached a decent strength. After losing too many times to a huge gastrodon, and being teased by some of the other pokemon, Shelby decided to leave the group and spent most of her time diving for human artifacts left in the bottom of the ocean.

During these lonely divers days, Shelby heard about everything that was going on with Giratina, and the corruption of the purple forest. At first the very idea of such things happening scared Shelby to death, but after going over it many times in her head, Shelby decided that she should stop being a coward and at least go investigate the corruption. After that, Shelby set out through the ocean, staying close to shore, until she was able to take a river inland and get as close to the purple forest as possible without leaving the waterside. Nervous to be away from the water, she made camp at that closest point and has been there ever since.

Other: While she can't learn any music moves, Shelby has a wonderful singing voice that earned her the childhood nickname of 'mermaid', since some early human folklore mentioned mermaids as being excellant singers and loving the water.

Meh, I'm too lazy to put in an RP sample now but I might add one later.
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