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    Here is My Character:



    Appearance:Zero is a Slightly Darker Colored Riolu but has a Sharp Bone Shaped Scar on His Shoulder.

    Personality:Zero is Serious and Brave Person with Alot of Courage and a Kind Heart,He would never leave anyone behind.

    Background and History:When He was Young His Father was Killed Which Forced His Mother to raise him alone.
    The reason he is serious is cause His father died and He doesnt want that happening to anyone else.He got his scar trying
    to help a young Pichu which was getting attacked by a Raging Snorelax,He saved the young Pichu but with a Price of
    getting a Scar that will never go away. when He heard of the recent events He knew He had to make sure no one else gets hurt.
    He has always loved to Fight and Train,Hoping to become a Strong Lucario that His Father was.
    and He knows someday He will.

    Other:He is very attached to His Mother due to the fact that she is the one that raised
    Him and will make sure nothing happens to Her.
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