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The last episode of the 12th Season, Galactic Battles aired today and featured Ash catching the Gible he met back in the previous episode, "A Meteoric Rise to Excellence!" Might I say, this was indeed a nice ending to the season before we arrive to our last of the DP arc.

- Team Rocket in a NINJA BLASTOISE machine.
- ....
- Aw, too bad. Gible scrapped that pretty fast.
- Ash is always thinking of food.
- *poke*
- To be catched, or not to be catched
- Officer Jenny! Cue Brock's flirt moment.
- Gible eats EVERYTHING!
- Lol, Barry's grand entrance.
- 6 < 7
- Fantina's gone again, but she gives away tickets!
- Barry, you fail at catching Gible.
- Team Rocket goes green! At least they do to a degree.
- Can Ash really jump that distance?
- Oh look, there was a bridge. v_v
- ... And Ash gets an easy catch! Hoorah, Gible is no longer wild.
- Yes, Barry vs Ash, this should be fun.
- Gible puts up a good fight, but he's got to learn to listen.
- Lol, let the Piplup target begin.
- So, Ash loses to Barry for the first time.
- Barry is the best comedic rival ever!

... And there we have it folks. Discuss! I'm at least grateful that we don't have any lapse time before the Sinnoh League Victors season begins. They've decided to continue the anime straightforward, thank goodness. n_n;
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