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    Wow, I liked this episode! It was rather funny, especially in the beginning. Gible just ate that entire Ninja Blastoise robot, then it exploded!

    Gible ate the playground area...and then Barry's free bike! Sucks for him...

    "I'm going to fine you...You have ten seconds to pay up! Ten, nine, eight, seven,..."

    I'm looking forward to seeing Gible working in Ash's team, despite the fact that it always likes to bite people's heads.

    Poor Piplup and that failed Draco Meteor...once again...

    Ash can't jump like that! There's no way! He must have had some help...AND a bridge was nearby (lol!). He could've at least used his Staraptor.

    You know, I now want a land Gible. ^.^

    9.2/10 (Because Gible is awesome and will make a great addition to the team!)
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