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    ^ Cartoon Network right guys?

    Anyway, I love Dawn's one-liners every time that Barry joins the group. They should have a little segment after every episode with just these two hanging around each other. The ninja Blastoise was kind of cool but it was a bit "meh" for me. I am impressed about how quickly Gible has begun to annoy me though. Not even Gligar annoyed me this quickly so it's got that going for it.

    I do like how Piplup ran away when he saw that Gible was going to use Draco Meteor again. As well as Empoleon's facial expressions when Barry did something stupid.


    Originally Posted by Hiiro
    ... And there we have it folks. Discuss! I'm at least grateful that we don't have any lapse time before the Sinnoh League Victors season begins. They've decided to continue the anime straightforward, thank goodness. n_n;
    Where'd you hear that?
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