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Well I think it's a bit too late to "not have any Aizens". ;;

Aizen is my least favorite character since he's so evil. Especially towards my two favorite characters! (Shiro-chan and Momo)

As for picking a squad, I want to know if I start in one squad can I eventually become captain of a different squad? I mean, in the series it's possible and all, but I'd like to know for this group.

Oh yeah, and I'm gonna make some more userbars later. Probably while I'm watching Bleach tonight/tomorrow morning. (It's on at 12:30, 1, and 1:30, so it is technically morning. LOL)

I'm kinda angry that they have started over instead of showing the Shusuke Amagai arc, because I kinda want to know how the characters in that arc will sound in English, plus I really love the opening song. But I'm also kinda glad they started over, since I haven't seen those early episodes (the first 3 seasons, the ones with Asterisk, D-technolife, and Ichirin no Hana as openings) in such a long time... It's been a really long time since they aired those. (The last restart was from the arrancar arc, and the restart before was, I believe, from the bount arc. Don't take my word for it though.) I guess I'm both angry and glad at the same time. LOL