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    Originally Posted by xxashxx View Post
    Ok. When will you be on on Saturday night? Can you be here between 9 PM PST and Midnight PST so we can trade? Thanks. Hope to see you Saturday night between those times. Thanks.
    nope, have to go to sleep earlier than I usually go due to being sick "
    Originally Posted by Sam_ View Post
    Sorry you missed me,

    Hey Ginji did you find anything you liked on my thread?

    Just reminding i liked these,

    shiny bronzong lv.100
    probopass lv.100
    shiny rapidash lv.100
    pinsir lv.100
    swellow lv.100

    ... CMT.
    I know, I haven't forgotten
    I just been sick for the past 3 days
    Originally Posted by Teh Blazer View Post
    Would there be any UT shiny Eevee's left for the giveaway? If so, could I have one?
    Sure, use my platinum fc and I can't trade til tomorrow afternoon
    Originally Posted by Ballzie View Post
    Hey Ginji! Anyway that I could get these few for your weekend giveaway? (If you still have them)

    shiny lapras lv.1 UT *has active pkrs*
    shiny skarmory lv.1 UT egg move: brave bird
    shiny igglybuff lv.1 UT egg move: wish
    shiny swinub lv.1 UT
    shiny yanma lv.27-29 UT
    Sure, use my platinum fc and I can't trade til tomorrow afternoon
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