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Hey guys, got news for all the Final Fantasy Tactics and Fire Emblem fans, I'm making a Pokemon SRPG version, Online.

The game has been under development for a month or two, and we're about 90% done with the battle system, so some heavy testing will be done soon to make sure it's 100% glitch free.

These is an in game screenshot of the game itself running.

As you can see the Sprites are from Pokemon Ranger, because of their Iso shape they fit right in, the tiling and turfing and attack animation have been done by yours truly - although some need work.

This game will also be hosted over Byond, I know many of you may dislike the idea - and so do I, but this is due to the fact that as a fan game going online we cannot afford to pay for an individual host, and at the same time protect ourselves from warnings from Nintendo, and byond does take care of both for us so for now we'll stick with them.

I'll post more info on the game later! stay in touch, if you've got any questions or think you could contribute to the project PM me, i'll be sure to respond soon.

~ Crow
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