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    I have many ideas but a lot of them are just wishful thinking. I wrote them all down somewhere but I can't remember where...
    Things I can think of off the top of my head:
    - Higher level post E4 areas. Heck, maybe even more space between the gyms, meaning more level difference meaning higher level E4 eliminating the need for higher level post E4 things.
    - Less legendaries. Seriously, Gen 4 had way too many.
    - Pre-nat dex I want new pokémon only but post-nat dex I want there to be methods to capture ALL types of pokémon apart from a few version exclusives. I am sorta over having tentacools always attack me when surfing and zubats in caves. I don't care if they simply replace is with another Isshu pokémon but I would rather have a new pokemon attack me all the time than any more zubats or tentacools.
    - More variation with the terrain. Sinnoh was mainly nice grass area. I didn't really feel any change unless I went to Snowpoint or the survival etc. area and the marshy feel at pastoria was not much different. I like what Hoenn had.
    -I want the evil team to do more that what they have in the past. Once they get defeated in the plotline connected with the mascots I want them to try to do something else or have neo-evil team people (like what Team Rocket did in Johto). Also, make them a force to be feared with, enough with pretty grunts, I want a small group of elite evil trainers.
    - Give the contests/pokeathlon more flair and spice. Give them more reason to exist and more rewards for doing them.
    -More areas in the battle frontier?
    -Everyone should be rematchable but maybe only some should have their pokemon grow or their levels should match your current teams.
    -More cutscenes like Ho-oh/Lugias arrival in HG/SS maybe with some light voice acting for involved characters? Voice acting for important characters? (gym leaders, E4, brains and the epic mega awesome trainer like Red/Steven?) Why do I want voice acting?

    Thats all for now. I know a lot of wishful thinking but oh well.