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    I love Aizen-sama for being so evil! The best thing about him!

    Guh...Yeah, I'll try not too... Maybe I should actually start woeking on it soon...

    Yeah, I watch the subs(along with the dubs, to), un. I don't like that they started over, too. =.= I'd be alright if they started at the beginning of the Bount arc or the end of the Bount arc... But - from episode 1 - are you kidding me?

    Cool bankai!
    Oh...and what's this about being in-charge of some page of the squad? I'm a little confused with that.

    I'm waiting for them to show Lord Aizen's all-mighty bankai! D= ...I wonder what it'll be like. =\

    "Urahara Kisuke!!! I despise you!! Why does a man of your intellect stand so idle!? Why...Why do you allow yourself to be controlled by that thing!?"
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