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    Originally Posted by minchan View Post
    Here's the moment you've all been waiting for! *drumroll* My bankai, Kokoro no Tsuyokin!


    I'm adding the link to the full size version to my original zanpakuto information post right now.

    Also, in case you were wondering, I put the measurements and whatnot (referring to my bankai) in metric, since Bleach is a Japanese franchise, created by a Japanese person. And Japanese people (along with the rest of the world, essentially) use the metric system. LOL If you wand the measurements in US measurements, just google a converter. That's how I got these measurements in the first place!
    Ah yes, you don't see too many giant shuriken zanpakutos. xD
    Though I don't see how weight is too much of a problem.
    It's only 22lbs, which isn't too hard to get adjusted too.
    The hilt/handle is a pretty interesting design.
    I don't quite understand the kido amplification properties.
    Maybe you can explain it better when you update your zan description. ;p
    Originally Posted by minchan View Post
    As for a squad... I think I'll choose squad 10. Even though I could just as easily take the position of squad 5 captain, I figure it's best to just be the captain of squad 10. Besides, Shiro-chan is awesome, and by being the squad 10 captain in this group, I can be equally as awesome. XD
    Alrighty, I'll appoint you as captain of Squad 10 in a little bit.
    Originally Posted by minchan View Post
    EDIT 3:

    I'm on my laptop now, and I just finished userbars for squads 8 - 10. I've uploaded those, as well as the ones for squads 6 and 7, which I made before. Enjoy!

    Ok, I'll put those in the first post when I make you captain of Squad 10.

    Originally Posted by Sosuke Aizen View Post
    Oh...and what's this about being in-charge of some page of the squad? I'm a little confused with that.

    I'm waiting for them to show Lord Aizen's all-mighty bankai! D= ...I wonder what it'll be like. =\
    Well squad pages are going to be posts, that are linked to on the first post of the club, that each captain will be able to make were they can list squad members, fan-fiction character profiles, recruitment survey answers from the captain and lieutenant, and probably a few other things. My next post will be the squad page for Squad 1, so that you can see what I mean.

    I personally don't think Aizen has a bankai. One..there's no need at this point for him to have a bankai. Two..even if he has a bankai, I don't think he would think it would be necessary to use. If he has a bankai, it's probably just something where he can create something from nothing. Azen would be the ultimate god-mod that doesn't follow the laws of equivalent exchange