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    Originally Posted by adam60961 View Post
    Can I get some help please? I can't figure out how to even start off with a level-script! :D SOMEONE PLEASE REPLY AND HELP ME!!! Thanks

    SOMEONE please tell me how to make a level script using Pokescript!

    Can someone please help? I made a script using Pokescript and I did everything like it was on the tutorial... Is it bad to mix XSE with Pokescript? I made this script, here it is...

    #org $start
    applymovement 0xFF $oh
    $oh 1 ; #binary 0x62 0xFE
    pausemove 0
    applymovement 5 $s
    $s 1 ; #binary 0x11 0xFE
    pausemove 0
    message $1
    $1 1 = See!
    boxset 6
    setflag 0x1000
    setvar 0x4033 0x0001

    Anyway, I did everything said on this tutorial and I can't figure out why it won't work when I come out of the players house and it doesn't work... But, when I step back onto the script box, it works... I want it where when the player steps out of the house, it triggers the script... PLEASE HELP!!! Thanks!
    I have the exact same problem

    Someone help please
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